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Annual Newsletter

Posted on Nov 13, 2012

Dear Friends of Lainie’s Angels,

As we approach the end of another year, I once again take this opportunity to thank you for your generous and ongoing support of Lainie’s Angels. I also want to reflect on our more notable achievements. Indeed, Lainie’s Angels has much to be thankful for, and tomorrow looks even brighter.

During the current year, we have made changes to the website to improve functionality and make it easier for parents and caregivers to connect with Lainie’s Angels and with each other. In addition, we have fully embraced social media such as Facebook and Twitter in order to expand our visibility and outreach. We created a blog on our website for parents to share their knowledge and experiences. The result:

• Lainie’s Angels Peer Support Program recruited and trained 25 new “veteran parents” to serve as Parent Advocates and provide encouragement and support to other parents and caregivers in the United States and Canada.

Based on my personal experience, I have learned that very few parents are adequately prepared to care for their child when diagnosed with cancer. How could they be? Hence, there is a strong need for the support and guidance of someone who has had a similar experience.

Twelve years have passed, but our core mission remains the same: Lainie’s Angels exists to enhance the emotional well-being of families affected by childhood cancer and blood disorders. The foundation provides seed funding and technical services for the establishment of peer counseling programs within a hospital setting. Lainie’s Angels works to enhance the public’s awareness of and support for childhood cancer causes.

What the future holds
Starting in 2013, we will embark on a capacity building campaign, which will allow us to attract professional management, expand our grant making, and enhance our reputation and influence among childhood cancer organizations. And here’s how we plan to accomplish it:

• Increase individual and corporate donations
• Attract human resources to build managerial and operational competencies
• Build strategic partnerships to leverage resources and develop new programs
• Develop a certification program for parent advocacy
• Build capabilities for developing foundation and federal grant proposals and managing grant awards

To achieve these goals and advance our mission, Lainie’s Angels needs your continuing support. In 2011, like so many non-profit institutions our annual donations dropped 40% for the first time in our history. Please help us help families struggling to cope with the challenges of childhood cancer or a blood disorder. Even the smallest of gifts will help us continue our mission.

With sincerest thanks and best wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday Season. God Bless.

Stathi Afendoulis

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