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About Us


Lainie's Angels was created by a mom and dad who went through an experience they don't want other families to go through.

When their 10 year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, they discovered that while there were many capable doctors, nurses and counselors to help her, there was no one who could focus on the needs of the family.

They decided to start a foundation to help other families by providing a network of people like themselves who had been through the process, knew the ropes and understood the pain, and could offer the benefit of their experience to families in need. And they decided to name the organization after their daughter, Lainie (1988-2000).


Our Mission

Right now, there are 50,000 families in the U.S. with a child who has cancer or a blood disorder. Lainie's Angels is dedicated to helping these families.

Our mission comes out of the personal experience of our founders, who have faced this crisis and want to share what they've learned to make it easier for others.

Our primary task is to put a network of healthcare staff, counselors and peer support in place for these families that will serve to educate them, help them understand complex medical information, and offer ongoing guidance and support.

Lainie's Angels provides the most current information on caring for a sick child, serving as a clearinghouse for the vast and dizzying array of resources available. Lainie's Angels does not give medical advice; but we do provide support for families and help them get the knowledge they need to make the decisions they face.

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About the Founder


Stathi Afendoulis, MA, is the founding Executive Director of Lainie's Angels, a foundation that provides peer mentoring support to families of children with cancer and blood disorders. Established in memory of his daughter, Lainie, the foundation provides assistance through parent advocate programs in hospitals and online. Over the last twelve years, Stathi has directed the expansion of Lainie's Angels' mission of parent advocacy through education, outreach and fundraising. Currently, the foundation oversees four programs at children's hospitals in the United States and Canada, and is organizing volunteer training with the far-reaching vision of making family care programs the norm at every hospital and organization providing medical care to children with serious disease.

Stathi is an educator and entrepreneur, with degrees in English and Theater and Performing Arts. He has worked professionally as a theater director and administrator; a professor of English, Theater and Communications; and a successful business owner in the retail clothing industry. He is the co-author of "The Grieving Garden: Living with the Death of a Child" (Hampton Roads Publishing Company), and the author of many essays and blogs dealing with the effects of pediatric cancer and blood disorders on children and families.

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