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Parent Advocacy

Lainie's Angels is a national non-profit organization that creates family support groups in institutions that treat children with cancer and blood disorders.

The support group starts with the Parent Advocate, who is a trained volunteer assigned to a family. Parent Advocates are people who have been through the experience themselves and have been trained to work with the doctors, nurses, administrators, insurance companies, government agencies and other support programs to meet the needs of the family. They consult with moms, dads, brothers and sisters, offering their experience and expertise to help bring education and understanding to this difficult and stressful time.

These programs also put parents in touch with other parents whose children have had the same diseases. This type of peer support makes our program unique, and brings an element of trust and understanding unprecedented in the health care experience.

Lainie's Angels is also dedicated to speaking out publicly on behalf of families of children with cancer and blood disorders, to make sure their neighbors across the nation understand their need.

What is The Parent Advocate Program?

The Lainie's Angels Parent Advocate Program is based on the success of a model for parent support and advocacy developed by CURE Childhood Cancer Association for the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The success of the CURE program has provided the medical and social services community with a viable working model for providing parent peer support. Lainie's Angels mission is to expand this model around the country.

The primary role of the Parent Advocate Program is to provide support for parents, to help them understand and cope with the crisis of pediatric cancer. Advocates help parents through the diagnostic and therapeutic process, while maintaining an honest and open communication about the child's disease and the status of treatment. This approach is one that fosters genuine hope during a process that is often painful and confusing.

Advocates help coordinate and facilitate support groups that address parents' needs. For instance, they might sponsor a weekly "coffee hour" for parents of children who are currently hospitalized. This provides an informal way for the advocates and other staff (social workers, psychologists and educational liaisons) to discuss parents' concerns, and provides parents with an opportunity to interact with other parents sharing a similar experience.

The Parent Advocate also helps parents deal effectively with the family disruption and turmoil that can result in marital, sibling and peer conflicts. The advocate can help the family obtain the assistance they need from various members of the psychosocial and pediatric team.

The Parent Advocate Program is supported by grants and donations and is provided at no cost to the family.

Finding a Program

Lainie’s Angels operates Parent Advocacy programs throughout the nation. To learn about each program, please visit the programs section of our Web site, contact us at 732-407-3116 or email us at any time.

Starting Your Own Program

If you are interested in starting a Lainie's Angels Parent Advocate Program in your hometown, we can help. There are numerous factors to consider when developing your own Parent Advocate Program. Call us at 732-407-3116, and we will take you through the process, step by step.