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We encourage anyone interested in the topic of pediatric cancer to join our community and contribute to our blog. Knowledge and perspectives shared here can help parents and families across the globe gain knowledge, direction and comfort – and perhaps most importantly, know they’re not alone. To join our list of bloggers, please email us or contact Stathi Afendoulis at 732.906.7887

A Great Day in Chicago For Lainie's Angels

May 07, 2012   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

I had two great days last week, and another one on Sunday, April 29 meeting with old friends and making new ones, as we celebrated the sixth year of our program at Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital.

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Two Great Days!

Apr 25, 2012   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

I had two great days last week, one in Edison, New Jersey and one in Toronto, Canada. That's right, two towns, two countries, two success stories!

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Happy Birthday Lainie

Apr 11, 2012   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

Today I am asking all of my family and friends to take a moment and remember Lainie, on what would have been her 24th birthday.

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Our Two Victories!

Mar 21, 2012   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

Today, I'm posting about two exciting developments - one small - and one not so small...

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Stathi's Internet Epiphany

Mar 07, 2012   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

Content pressure. I have been advised by my marketing and development team about this strange and new dynamic that I know nothing about, except that you just keep putting stuff on the internet and things happen. Frankly, when they first described it to me I was skeptical. Then, a strange and wondrous thing happened!

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A Story From Hanna's Dad

Feb 07, 2012   Post by:

Dave Munro is president and chairman of Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC). Here, he recounts the trials and uncertainty that accompany caring for a child with Cancer - and yet with support from caring individuals everywhere, and organizations like Lainie's Angels, help is only a parent away.

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Hugh's Story: Lessons in Coping

Nov 14, 2011   Post by: Katherine Maw

Katherine Maw is the mother of Hugh, a 4-year old diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Here, she shares Hugh’s story and, based on her personal experience, offers guidance to families going through a similar ordeal.

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Welcome to Lainie's Angels

Nov 01, 2011   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

To all of our friends, and to those visiting us for the first time, I would like to welcome you to Lainie’s Angels and to our new Web site. I am honored and excited to be posting this first blog, and, I am asking all of our supporters and fans to join me as well.

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