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We encourage anyone interested in the topic of pediatric cancer to join our community and contribute to our blog. Knowledge and perspectives shared here can help parents and families across the globe gain knowledge, direction and comfort – and perhaps most importantly, know they’re not alone. To join our list of bloggers, please email us or contact Stathi Afendoulis at 732.906.7887

5 Confidence-Restoring Beauty Tips for Cancer Patients

Apr 18, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

Dealing with the physical changes in appearance can be traumatic for a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.

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The Grieving Garden: A Book By And For Bereaved Parents

Apr 11, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

For grieving parents, life can feel empty and hopeless. The Grieving Garden is a book written by 22 parents who are all dealing with the loss of a child.

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6 Ways To Make Your Kid’s Hospital Room A Happy One

Mar 28, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

We all know that hospitals can be ugly, scary places—especially for kids. Here are some tips for keeping your kid’s room vibrant and positive.

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Share The Experience, Minimize The Loss

Mar 05, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

Your siblings are your best buds-that's how it's always been. But now, cancer's in the way, and you feel like you're losing bits and pieces of them every day. What can you and your family do to minimize these losses?

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Coping With Daily Losses

Feb 20, 2013   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

Dealing with life's daily interruptions are grueling when you have a sick child. Especially when "daily interruptions" can mean trips to the ER.

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What To Tell The Healthy Ones: A Sibling's Perspective

Feb 13, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

You've explained everything you can to your sick child, and now it's time to talk to the healthy ones. Here's how Lainie's sister, Samantha thinks you should do it.

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Helping Your Healthy Children Understand And Cope

Feb 07, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

Figuring out how and what to tell your healthy kids about your sick child's illness can be a daunting task. Sometimes, less is more.

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Happy New Year And Thank You!

Jan 23, 2013   Post by: Stathi Afendoulis

Lainie's Angels raised over $12,000 during our 2012 Annual Giving Campaign, and it's all thanks to you.

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An Uplifting Story From Diane Scott

Jan 09, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

Read an uplifting story about faith by a supporter of Lainie's Angels, Diane Scott.

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Are You Doing Your Civic Duty?

Jan 09, 2013   Post by: Samantha Afendoulis

While we are all responsible for many things in life, we sometimes forget our most important responsibility--each other.

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