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Lainie’s Angels to Present at APHON Conference in Louisville, Kentucky

Posted on Apr 01, 2013

Dear Friends of Lainie's Angels,

On March 20, Lainie’s Angels announced that they would be sponsoring APHON’s End-of-Life Nursing Education Program, and now, APHON is giving back to Lainie’s Angels. Founder Stathi Afendoulis will be presenting the importance of Lainie’s Angels’ mission alongside longtime supporter, Diane Scott at APHON’s second conference in Louisville, KY.

The pair will present “Peer Support and Parent Advocacy as Part of a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department” to over 300 nurses in the APHON group on September 21st. They will speak in detail about the needs of a parent caring for a child with cancer or a blood disorder, and how nurses play such an important role in their lives. In addition, they will explain what Lainie’s Angels advocacy programs provide for parents, and the vital role nurses play in identifying and helping meet the non-medical needs of patients and their families.

Lainie’s Angels has devoted the last 12 years to truly understanding what it means to have a support group at your disposal in such desperate times. It is their hope that with the exposure gained through this conference, their mission to spread Peer Support and Parent Advocacy will touch upon thousands more families, making transitions smoother and hard times easier.

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