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It's Going to Take All Of Us To Beat Pediatric Cancer

Posted on May 12, 2011

In the world of cancer and blood disorders, progress can be slow and frustrating, especially for those families battling these dreaded diseases. Nothing makes this more apparent than last month's announcement by the National Institute of Health, that although the survival rate of pediatric cancer has increased in recent years, so has the number of children being diagnosed with cancer.

This year, 12,400 children will be diagnosed and approximately 4000 will die. Add to that the news that federal funding for research, being done by the Children's Oncology Group, will be reduced by 10%, and you can see that for every step forward, there is a step back.

But these facts must not stop us from hoping and caring for these families. To the contrary, we must work harder and give more, to provide the compassionate care they so desperately need to manage this difficult journey. For anyone interested in understanding the full scope of cancer in our world, I want to recommend a book I am reading right now. It's called "The Emperor Of All Maladies" written by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee. A literal "biography of cancer", Dr. Mukherjee documents the presence of cancer from thousands of years ago to the present. It reads like a literary thriller and gives one appreciation for what he describes as "an infinitely resourseful adversary" that has challenged medical practitioners for centuries. I hope you read it and continue to support the mission of Lainie's Angels, as we do our part to battle the resourceful adversary that is cancer.

Below, please check out our announcements for this month; we look forward to sharing more news with you soon. As always, we want to hear from you; please follow us on Twitter, or become part of the conversation on Facebook.

A Very Worthy Resolution

Great news on the awareness front for parent advocacy - yesterday (May 11) Congressman Van Hollen (D-MD) and Congressman McCaul (R-TX) proposed a resolution referred to as "Support Pediatric Cancer and Families," in the House of Representatives. The resolution calls for greater efforts and funding by Congress to address the psychosocial needs of children and families battling pediatric cancer. It is hoped that this resolution will help rally support and increase awareness of this important patient need. Let's hope there's more were this came from!

Teachers Win the War....

On April 14th, the students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School culminated their Spirit Week with a rousing game of basketball between teachers and students. We're sorry to report that the teachers won again, but that did not diminish the enthusiasm at the game. A great time was had by all and the kids raised $1,800.00 dollars for Lainie's Angels, including $400.00 dollars worth of Coffee Wars sales. Congratulations to all the students, faculty and staff at WWMS for nine years of support. Next year, we are celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the game and look forward to everyone's continued support.

Suit Up and Score a Goal In Support of Lainie's Angels

The Metuchen Sportsplex in Metuchen, NJ will be holding their first annual Iron Man Inline Hockey Tournament on May 21 and 22; a percentage of proceeds will benefit Lainie's Angels.

Registration for the tournament is now open; the fee is $150 per team (with $100 going to Lainie's Angels) The tournament will be a 4 versus 4 format, and teams can have up to five skaters plus a goalie on their roster. Teams will each play a minimum of three 12-minute games and division winners will receive 50% off their league fee for our Summer League which starts June 28.

Space is very limited, so register early in order to guarantee your team a spot. Don't miss your chance to take part in this fun event and support Lainie's Angels!

Registration is available in person at the Metuchen Sportsplex, by phone at 848-248-4684 or online

Lainie's Angels' Chicago Program Gets a New Home

All of our national programs are in full swing. I have visited all our sites and in Chicago, we have exciting news. Children's Memorial Hospital will have a new home on the campus of Northwestern University. The moving date is June 2012, and the building is almost near completion. I had the chance to see a virtual model of the new facility, and our advocates and their patients will be treated in a state of the art facility that is second to none. Lainie's Angels is proud to be a part of this wonderful institution that cares for children around the world.

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