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Are You Doing Your Civic Duty?

Posted on Jan 09, 2013

While we are all responsible for many things in life, we sometimes forget our most important responsibility--each other.

If you found a panicked child lost in the grocery store, would you help them find their way back to their parents? If someone you knew was about to make a horrible mistake, would you tell them? My guess is, you probably would. When a desperate situation is presented to you, your conscience kicks in, and you become immediately involved—immediately…responsible.

Responsibility, in a sense, is how Lainie’s Angels was born. After Lainie died, my family felt it was time to offer care specifically for the parents of children suffering from cancer or blood disorders. Even thou Lainie’s passing in 2000 was devastating and extremely hard to handle, it was the sense of civic responsibility we felt for others in our situation that created good, where there only seemed room for the bad. It was then, that my father realized something needed to be done to make the journey for families dealing with this sort of thing smoother. Creating peer advocacy programs became his civic responsibility.

When I say “civic responsibility”, I don’t mean things like recycling, keeping your town safe and drug free, or making sure there are enough baseball fields and theatre camps available in your community. These things are good and necessary, but more importantly, we must be responsible for each other. There are times in life when you just want to live for yourself, refusing to accept the notion that there are people who are affected by you. This is a trap we cannot fall into, because once we stop feeling responsible for each other, everything falls apart.

So, here is a call to action for you: If you know someone who is dealing with the struggle of pediatric cancer, we urge you to share the mission of Lainie’s Angels with them. As much as we’d love to reach everyone, we can’t, given our size. By donating to Lainie’s Angels, you allow us to expand our reach to families all over the country, and by passing on this blog, you are spreading the word of peer advocacy.

As always, thank you for your support, and a happy, healthy New Year to all.


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