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An Uplifting Story From Diane Scott

Posted on Jan 09, 2013

Read an uplifting story about faith by a supporter of Lainie's Angels, Diane Scott.

A long-time friend and loyal supporter of Lainie’s Angels, Diane Scott, shared a touching story on Facebook last month about her experience with a compassionate 9 year old from Kuwait. Diane’s story is a reminder to us that even in the most desperate situations, there is always room for hope. Thanks for sharing, Diane! Here’s her story:

“For anyone feeling like their faith is shaken a bit these days, I say life is still good. I spent my evening hanging out with a 9-year-old boy from Kuwait. His two-year-old sister is in Boston Children's Hospital for cancer treatment. His three-year-old sister also has cancer, but finished her treatment (in his limited English he knows the phrase "had her central line taken out") and is back home in Kuwait.

He asked if I'm Muslim; I told him I'm Catholic. We talked about Ramadan and 'Id. He came in to make Christmas gifts for his teacher here in the U.S. (he's been here for 9 months), who he clearly adores, and asked me to show him how to draw a Christmas tree. We made and wrapped gifts for his teacher. We made get well posters for his sister and picked out pjs for both sisters from the donations that had come in. He showed me how to write my name in Arabic. And then he threw his little body around me in the most sincere and wonderful bear hug, saying, "Thank you so much. Thank you so much."

Life is good. And I feel ridiculously blessed!”

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