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5 Confidence-Restoring Beauty Tips for Cancer Patients

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

Dealing with the physical changes in appearance can be traumatic for a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.

Many people experience feelings of loss in identity, low self-esteem, and an overall discomfort in their own body. Thankfully, so many things exist today to help restore the confidence that chemotherapy so often strips a cancer patient of. Here’s a list of 5 great confidence-restoring beauty tips specifically for patients undergoing chemotherapy, and the information you need to implement them.

1. Headscarves – Companies like Headcovers Unlimited create beautiful Woodblock headscarves that cascade down your back and act as a fashion accessory, as well as something to cover up that cold head!

2. Wigs – Wigs are good for two things: looking like your old self, and looking like someone completely different. Companies like Headcovers Unlimited are created by and for cancer victims, and offer over 100 great-priced wigs in both synthetic and real hair. If you’re looking to have a little more fun, has everything from Katy Perry’s electric blue to Nicki Minaj’s signature bubble gum pink.

3. Henna for your Head – You’ve probably heard of Henna before – it’s that cool, dark body paint that Indians decorate their bodies with during celebratory times – but I bet you’ve never thought about putting it on your head before! This is for the boldest of the bold – try an Earth Henna Tattoo Body Kit and get someone to decorate your head with a unique design that reflects your personal style.

4. Hats – You may have been hat-shy before, but now’s your chance to explore all that this wonderful accessory has to offer. lets you create your own baseball or trucker hat from scratch, starting at $15. If you’re looking for a different look, try – they have everything!

5. Patient-specific Beauty Products – Did you know that there are entire lines of beauty products created specifically for people with cancer? Headcovers Unlimited is one of many that offers deodorant, moisturizer, sunblock, lip balm, and eyebrow and eyelash kits for cancer patients going through chemo. Their products leave harsh chemicals and ingredients out as to not further irritate already-sensitive skin.

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